WOLFBITERaka SAMMIE ANDERSON, Earth human – has been tearing into the Midwest bass music scene since 2014. Perhaps best described as dark and ferocious, his captivating performance blurs the lines between DUBSTEP x TRAP x ALIEN.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wolfbiter has been quick to assume his role as one of Wisconsin’s most prolific bass music producers. An experienced career-musician, his live performance background spans more than 15 years. Each of his previous projects are considered essential pillars to their respective scenes within Wisconsin music; most notably, Sleep Serapis Sleep (metal) & Boy Blue (synth-pop). And so it should come as no surprise that his latest project, Wolfbiter, has swiftly risen to the top of Wisconsin’s steadily-exploding bass music culture.

Over the past year alone, Wolfbiter has performed as direct support for heavy-hitters like Bear Grillz, Borgore, Caspa, Dirt Monkey, Hi I’m Ghost, Peekaboo, Riot Ten, and YOOKiE. With a vast repertoire of currently unreleased music, including an upcoming EP, 2019 will undoubtedly be his biggest and most high-octane year to date.



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