MUMBEEaka FLETCHER JACOBI, intergalactic beat farmer – exploded into our sector of the multi-verse with a sudden and worryingly steady output of dark, exotic, bass-minded beats. Species & origin currently unknown, his on-going multi-genre beat harvest pushes deep into the unexplored realms of FREEFORM BASS, DUBSTEP, and what can only be described as COSMIC WOOK NOISES.

A life-long musician but fresh to the current spotlight, Mumbee’s meteoric rise in the Upper-Midwest bass scene has been swift to say the least. After a stellar debut performance at the legendary Miramar Theatre in Milwaukee for SONIC DESTRUCTION (a month-long local talent showcase), he was quickly recognized and welcomed as one of Wisconsin’s underground movers & shakers of 2019.

The ensuing year was nothing short of colossal for Mumbee… A steady stream of bookings, label releases (Fosters Of Frequencies, Faceless Future Collective), and collaborations came to fruition; he performed at Electric Island, Outland, & Driftmore music festivals; and he shared the stage with acts like LSDream, Shlump, HE$H, G-REX, smith., ZÍA, Vampa, Detox Unit, Salty, Mickman, and more.

With Mumbee’s beat farm absolutely thriving at the moment, a barrage of new tunes & collabs in the works, and a continued flow of bookings, it can’t be denied that his next year is poised to be MASSIVE.



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